Baconnais Steven

Steven Baconnais native from la Baule in the Southern Brittany coastal region. Leading a creative childhood around drawing and video, he oriented his studies towards graphic design in advertising.

Wanting to accelerate his own education, he left school shortly after completing his exams. Diploma in his pocket, Steven self-taught learns graphic design and 3D, always on the lookout for new trends.

Steven was first employed by Artefacto located in Renne, working in the sectors of architecture and urbanism.
In order to expand his fields of competence, Steven went to work in Corsica, he joined a creative and multidisciplinary agency, he took the opportunity to indulge in a new hobby: photography.

Three years later, homesick, Steven returned to his native Brittany to settle as a “freelance”, allowing him to combine work and family life.
A more complete work opportunity arose when Steven was hired as a graphic designer for Kreaction, an agency combining graphics, 3D and architecture.
Touching everything, curious, wishing to keep this versatility, he specializes in motion Design, video editing, and strengthens its skills in post-production.

Today Art Director together with graphic designer, he continues to produce quality images.
Head-hunted by Airbnb and WonderBox as a photographer, Steven takes on missions to photograph pictures of real estate; these missions allowed him to develop his architectural vision.

Passionate about new technologies, he adapts easily to the constantly evolving new methods of work

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